Ask FM UPDATE: “Bad BFF is Engaged to her Ex-Friend’s Fiancé”

Bad BFF slept with her friend's man, now they're engaged.

Bad BFF slept with her friend’s man, now they’re engaged.


Dear Demetria:

I’m back! Remember me? Bad BFF? Well, quick update … I am engaged to the ex of my ex-BFF. Crazy how things work out, right? I hope all women learn a lesson from this: Never, ever pass up true love. Loyalty is essential but has its limits. I’m glad I was brave enough to make that move. Not many women are. My ex-BFF can’t help me build a family at the end of the day. The situation may have not been ideal, but we both did what needed to be done. My loyalty lies with the man I was blessed with. The intent was not to be shady, but life isn’t black and white. —S.B.

I love receiving updates from people who have written in for advice and taken it. Usually readers want me to know that the solution I offered worked in their favor and they have moved on from a situation that wasn’t fulfilling and now feel better, or they have worked out an issue with their partner and are back on steady ground. That makes me happy.

This update does not.

I recall your story well. You wrote in seven months ago to say that you’d slept with your best friend’s man and you felt very “guilty” when he proposed to her. Her would-be husband was walking around as if nothing had happened and showed no remorse. She, your friend of 17 years, seemed happy, and you were wondering if you should tell her at all, or maybe wait until she’d been married a few years and then spill. I encouraged you to actually be the friend you hadn’t been previously and to confess sooner rather than later.

That was a hard ask, since you would lose your friend, but you wrote back in to say that you did it. And I was very proud of you. You made an extremely bad choice in betraying your friend, but you did what was best for her—and you—on the back end. We all make bad choices, and we can all recover from them and become better people. I hoped that you were on your way to being a better woman and friend. This update lets me know that isn’t happening yet.

Comedian Chris Rock isn’t a relationship guru, but he has many classic jokes (in the form of astute observations) about relationships. A popular one is when he speaks of people in relationships who show off their partners because they are happy. He says, “If a guy introduces his boy to his new girlfriend, when they walk away, his boy goes, ‘Aww, she’s nice. I have to get me a girl like that.’ If a woman introduces her new man to her girlfriend, when they walk away, her girlfriend goes, ‘I got to get him … and I will slit that [woman’s] throat to do it.’”

Of course, that doesn’t apply to all women. Most women would not go after their friend’s man. But it does apply to some, and it does, unfortunately, apply here.

Your initial story and this update tell me that you have serious insecurity issues about your former best friend. You want to be her, and because you can’t be, you want to hurt her. Why else would you have sex with her fiance and then turn around months later and speak of marrying him?

Having her prize isn’t going to get you her life. And while you might feel that you’re winning and deluding yourself with romantic notions of fate and destiny, you are losing more than you know. The only person winning here is your former friend. She got rid of two untrustworthy people in one fell swoop. You’re dealing with her headache now.

This man to whom you’ve pledged your life, the one you call a “blessing”? He’s made that pledge before, to a woman he cheated on. And he walked around as if nothing was wrong and popped the question afterward as if everything was A-OK.



Read the original “Bad BFF” story here 

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  1. Joi Plummer says:

    A similar situation happened to me except I was the girlfriend/friend that walked away. I had been dating a man for six years and friends with a women for about two-three years. She was my sorority sister and I also allowed her to live with me in my home for a few months. Eventually she moved out. By the end of that same year my boyfriend and I broke up but he kept insisting we get back together. For months he kept trying to get back together with me but I had already moved on. He continued to believe this was just another one of our “phases” but I knew otherwise. A few months later I heard from mutual friends that he and my “friend” had become “close friends”. He had to serve time in jail and during this time they “developed” a relationship and when he got out after nine months of time, she became pregnant with his child. He continuously contacted me as soon as he got out, apologizing for what he had done, telling me he didn’t want to be with her and that he was only using her while he was locked up to pass time, for money and for someone to come visit him. He was very upset about becoming a father to her child and only wanted to take care of the baby but nothing to do with her. Eventually I told him to stop contacting me and that I wasn’t able to offer him any support on how to deal with the situation that he has created. I know my ex friend has suffered greatly from the choices that she made. Yes, he and I were broken up when they hooked up (at least that’s what they said) but you still don’t break girl code and get involved with your sorority sisters ex and recently fresh ex. I am now married with children and happy that I removed myself from both of them years ago. Your situation will never be blessed if you enter into it messy and corrupt with attempts to hurt others. My ex told me he also started talking to her to get back at me for the breakup. I explained to him that he only made it easier for me to keep moving on and to never look back. I have no idea what the status of their relationship is currently but I do hope the child is well taken care of.

  2. this is just proof that beezies ain’t shizzz

  3. Stacy says:

    This self-centered raggedy heifer here……..

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