She Matters: Get Over Gabourey Sidibe’s Weight

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 2.33.22 AMGabourey Sidibe attended the Golden Globes Awards Sunday night. And in what has become a time-honored (and vile) tradition anytime she appears anywhere and happens to be photographed, some viewers thought it would be a good idea to mock her weight. Again.

There was, of course, the flat-out name-calling, which was clear fat-shaming. And then there was the faux concern for her health—i.e., passive-aggressive fat-shaming under the guise of sympathy.

After the latest round of jeers about her size on Sunday night, Sidibe offered another reminder to let folks know that they’d been heard and unequivocally dismissed.

“To people making mean comments about my GG pics,” she tweeted. “I most definitely cried about it on that private jet on the way to my dream job last night #JK.”

Welp. You could practically hear the applause around the Internet.

I’d like to take a moment to point out what should be obvious, but seemingly isn’t: Sidibe knows she is overweight. She’s said as much in interviews. She’s been told to her face by her Hollywood idol that she needs to lose weight. Anytime she walks onto a Hollywood set, she is likely the largest person present. When she sees her magazine covers on the shelf next to others, it’s as obvious to her as it is to everyone else that one of these people is not like the others, as much for her size as for her color.

Gabourey Sidibe is not stupid or blind. And as evidenced, she does not give two damns what naysayers think of her weight. ”I was born to stand out,” she told Parade magazine last year. “I don’t care whether or not people will find me attractive on-screen. That’s not why I became an actor.”

If she wants to lose the weight, she has access to trainers who can work it off or plastic surgeons who can suck it out. And if the weight is tied to an emotional issue, she can hire a psychologist who can help her address it. Either she doesn’t want to lose it, is trying to lose it or maybe—though I know it may be unfathomable to some—she’s happy as is.

If all you are able to focus on is Sidibe’s size, widen your horizons. Despite her weight or perhaps even because of the opportunities her pounds have afforded her, she has an Oscar nod for her very first film role and has worked consistently as a black actress in Hollywood, a notable feat when there are countless stories from black actresses a third of Sidibe’s size who complain about not being able to find decent work. Oh, and she’s been co-signed by Oprah.

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  1. april says:

    Unfortunately, this is a never ending topic that will never go away! Women have always put other women down. In high school, and college, I was very thin. My so called friends hated on me and put me down relentlessly for being thin. Now that I am obese, they do the same! I’m glad that Gabourey loves and knows herself despite the haters. Those of us that know her pain need to continue to wrap our arms around her. Only thing we can do!

  2. Hey Demetria,

    This is my very first time visiting your blog and responding to one of your post. I just started watching Blood, Sweat, & Heels and took a genuine liking to your introduction and look forward to getting to know you better. :)

    IN RESPONSE TO THE POST: There is so much hatred in this world. But where there is hatred, there is also love. It’s really disheartening when you find more and more “Trolls” popping up that can’t see beyond the physicality of an individual. No matter what Garbourey Sibide looks like on the out side she is an incredible actress and that is the bottom line. If people stop worry about other’s and what they look like and so on so forth… learn how to really love themselves (which will eliminate them worrying about others)… then maybe they can reach their goals and be just as successful and stop with all the hating… just a thought.

    P.S. Really enjoyed your post… it was stated beautifully in a nutshell. :)

  3. Eva says:

    I applaud you sister! Thank you for your real ness and the way you carry yourself.
    The other ladies need to follow you lead.

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