Power Ep. 7: Jamie & Angela Have the Best Sex on TV

Jamie + Angela have the best sex on TV.

Jamie + Angela have the best sex on TV.

My flight from San Jose landed at 5:15AM yesterday morning. I got home to find out I was locked out. (Long story.) Finally got in at 7AM, laid down to actually sleep (because plane sleep sucks even though I finally bought a plane pillow, which helps immensely). And then when I couldn’t sleep though I was bone tired, I watched Saturday night’s episode of “Power”, then slept til 5PM.  That’s how much I like this show… though I realized I hate nearly all of the characters.

These are my thoughts on the most recent episode, in no particular order (and you’ll only get it if you saw the episode):


I HATE Lala’s character (but love Lala). She’s like the stereotype of the single friend who hasn’t been in a relationship in forever. But she’s ride or die for her girl, just like Tasha is ride or die for Ghost, and I respect that.

For some reason, I don’t like Angie anymore. Can’t put my finger on it. I think I was ok when she didn’t know Jamie was married, but now that she knows and keeps the affair up, eh…. It’s the “Olivia Pope” problem. At some point she just starts to seem overall stupid for, as MJB called it, “living in a dream.” But Jamie be blowing her back out though… Whooo weeee!!!!!

I don’t really like Tasha either, but she doesn’t deserve to be cheated on even if her husband’s outgrown her. And though limited in outlook, she does have  Ghost’s best interest at heart. I felt real bad for her when she told her husband, “I won’t embarrass you” when they showed up at Stern’s house. Oh, and when the white lady asked to touch her hair after dinner, I cringed for her. That was especially weird as Tasha’s hair is straight. I thought that only happened with braids and natural hair. Anyway, Tasha’s an around-the-way, girl. That scene could have gone a whole lot different. She handled it better than I expected. (I give credit where it’s due.) I also felt bad her when she saw Angie. They’re worlds apart. She looked defeated in the car, and when she was standing in the mirror evaluating herself like, “why am I not good enough anymore?”

I… feel bad for Ghost. He’s torn. Like “Stringer”. Too good for one world, not good enough for the other. And struggling and lost. Just can’t make a proper decision to save his life and so desperate to be understood and appreciated. If only his mistress could have a “Mary Jane” moment and tell the wife where she needs to step up. Sigh. Tasha would beat the sh– out of Angie for trying that though. Womp. 

Stern’s a muthaf***a. Exhibit A: “how do you get the Blacks and Latinos to show up night after night, and behave?” Ghost was mad that Tasha’s stepped in to shut down Stern, and I get why, but she made the right call, even if she was doing it for the wrong reasons. She’s obsessed with stunting this man’s growth.

Elizabeth Rodriguez, the actress who plays “Poz”, Angie’s sister, is about to be typecast. She plays the exact same character on Orange is the New Black. Jamie Hector aka “Marlo” is also typecast as a drug dealer. He’s so good at it though. Great, great actor.

Rolla’s murder wasn’t as bad as Wallace or Bodie, but it stung some. I think because the actor reminds me of Wiz Khalifa so much and I like Wiz. That and he makes me laugh, especially when he told ol’ girl when she got back with his food, he was “gonna put this long nine on ya”. There’s some joke I’m missing in that 30 sec later, Ghost says something about 10 inches of snow. Honorable mention to that line about going to Miami to get “a got damn tan” and how he stays calling Tommy “Eminem”. Bwahaha. 

I honestly don’t care at all about Angela’s investigation. I’m only remotely interested because of how this effects Angela and Jamie and what happens when one of them inevitably discovers what the other one really does for work. Somehow I don’t see Angie being Tasha’s kind of loyal: ride or die. If only this transfer for Detroit would go through. She’s trying to keep the case, not knowing she’s blocking her blessing. I’m also amazed that the details of what Angie does for a living never came up. I mean, I know she can’t discuss the case, but “I’m a federal investigator” never came up?

My thoughts on Tommy haven’t changed since the first episode: “Where they get this wild white boy from?” That said, I actually like him. All the man wants to do is his job. He’s committed to Ghost and their business, minus the coke habit. He doesn’t listen to Biggie: “never get high on your own supply.”  I hate his awkward, clepto girlfriend (even before she stole Tasha’s earrings).  For some reason, I think she’s an undercover agent. Just a feeling.  Sane people run from people like Tommy, unless you grew up with him.

The lady hitta is gorgeous!

Fiddy’s ol’ devilish, messy self. He’s an ass in life and in this role as “Kanan”. I can’t separate the two. LOL.  I laughed at the big reveal and his smile at the end.

Oh, and the driver? Sean ain’t sh***.

I just realized that I strongly dislike or hate all of the characters, but I love this show.

Last thought: the snow throughout the episode was a nice touch. It’s either a nod to the characters being in a whirlwind or some sort of “Winter is Coming” nod to GOT aka “the ish is about to hit the fan.”


What did you think of Episode 7 of Power??

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  1. Cassie says:

    That I love Angie and Jamie and feelings and love are not like taps that you can just turn off because you hear your first love is married. Especially when said first love keeps up the pursuit in the most romantic and intoxicating way possible. Especially when it seems like consciously or sub consciously, you never let him go. Especially when it seems like his marriage was out of loyalty and trust rather than love and no reason in this century for people to stay together just because. Happiness should be paramount.
    At the same time, cheating is wrong but it happens and I hope Ghost puts it right because he is clearly happier and better off with Angela. Tasha masturbated infront of an employee because she saw her husband take a number from another girl. This nonsense of ride or die is nonsense. She is riding or dying the man to spend the latter phase of his life dead or in jail. He never fell inlove with her in all these years.

    I too can’t wait to see what happens when all is revealed. Angela may shock us all. They did not throw in snippets of her being a Bruja and a protocol breaker, just for the hell of it. She may be so far gone that she covers for Jamie or makes him take the deal because it is Lobos they are after. Whatever it is, it is better than remaining a murdering drug dealer. We shall see. I firmly believe two people who are inlove should be allowed to be and if they can’t be, it better be for a damn good reason not because of obligation or duty to an unhappy marriage that was built on wishy washy foundation anyway.

  2. tay says:

    Before I begin let me point out the Omari Hardwick’s character cheats on his spouse in almost every role he plays! LOL

    I agree with A LOT of what Belle has to say with the some things. I was just telling my mother last night that there is something about Angela’s character that I don’t like anymore. I don’t know what it is. At first, I LOVED her- loved them. Unlike his wife, she was independent and respectable. Respectable, being that she didn’t know that he was married. Now, I can’t stand her. I’m not sure if it the race thing. I’m torn! Why does the black woman (who he doesn’t love) have to be how the world portrays all of us: all about the money and a certain lifestyle? And the one he is really in love with has to be of a different race? It annoys the shit out of me. Granted, I wouldn’t want his mistress to be black. I think we have enough of that of television. (Thank you Olivia Pope and Mary-Jane!)

    I must applaud Jamie on how he avoided discussing his wife with Angela. To me, the only thing more disrespect than an affair is discussing your spouse with that person. Too much! I think Angela really fell back in love with Jamie the moment she realize their situation wasn’t perfect. I remember her telling her sister how she was kind of bored being with Knox. I think a part of her fell back in love with Jamie the moment she knew being with him wouldn’t be on her terms. Many may disagree, but think about it. Before she knew he was married, she would cancel on Jamie, and she was still sleeping with Knox. Then all of sudden, she breaks things off with Knox and gave Jamie power of her emotions. Hmmmm, can you say EMOTIONAL MASOCHIST?!

    Angie is no Olivia Pope. We all see there’s a difference in how Fitz interacts with Millie and how Jamie interacts with Tasha. Tasha’s woman’s intuition kicked in but Jamie is still a man who clearly shows his wife affection, sleeps with her, and confides in her when things get rocky with the drug business. Enough said.

    There’s something I started to (not like, but) respect about Tasha the moment she confronted Holly about her earrings. I was like “DAAAAMN, she don’t play!” LOL… Jamie needs to be careful. Everyone’s wondering what Angie will do when she finds out about Ghost, but we should be worried about Tasha. I think Tasha is vindictive enough to turn Jamie in if he tries to leave her. Tommy knows it too. If you didn’t notice, that was the FIRST thing he mentioned to Jamie when he confronted him about the affair. See, that’s where Jamie’s messed up. He lets his wife in on all his dirty work. That’s a no no. I am a strong believer in keeping work and your relationship separate. I wouldn’t go to work talking to my colleagues about my personal life, and I don’t tell my man about my work life. What’s the point? Tasha has all the “power”. She knows all, but has done nothing. Be careful, Ghost! She’s dangerous.

    I hate Lala’s character! What kind of friends tells her friend to leave her husband and take all the money after one discretion?!?! I mean really! She’s making it seem like he hit her. That’s crazy. I hate friends like that.

    One words to describe Sean… IDIOT! Getting close to Tasha? I mean, c’mon! Were you not sitting front and center when his crew chopped a man into pieces? Ugh, men can be so weak sometimes!

    Tommy, I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I love this loyalty to Jamie. I think they balance each other out. When one tries to act on emotion, the other one is there to bring rationality. Tommy is the realest on the show.

    Stern is an asshole; I won’t bother acknowledging his ignorance.

    Can’t wait til next week!

  3. Ren says:

    I am hooked on this show because of your post. Downloaded and watching. THANKS!

  4. Precious says:

    Ms. Belle I have a question:

    Do you think it is more offensive for a man to cheat with a woman that is absolutely nothing like the woman he is with or a woman that reminds him of his woman?

    • claireyi says:

      I actually have been in this exact situation. I found my man online looking for love and the description of the women he was looking for didn’t match me at all. I was more hurt..

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