“Power” Season Finale Recap: Jamie the Most Delusional D-Boy Ever

"Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in" — Michael Corleone (not knowing he was describing Jamie's life.)

“Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in” — Michael Corleone (not knowing he was describing Jamie’s life.)


The season finale of Power aired last night. Overall? Eh… solid. Not astounding, but re-watchable for sure. Episode 7 was the best of the season.

Without further adieu, my running thoughts on last night’s “Power” finale (in almost chronological order):


*Ghost is haunted by Rolla’s killing. The irony. Get it? Ghost? Haunted?  Oh, nevermind.

*Why the white girl keep her bra on during sexy time but the Black girl and the Latina be nekkid?

*Angie discussing Ghost at her job makes me laugh. If only you knew, boo!!

*Tommy just be telling Ginger-girl all the inside business. Now she knows Ghost and Jamie are one in the same. I swear this chick is a fed. Either that or she’s dead by the end of this episode.

*”It’s gonna be the club, my kids and you”. —Jamie to Angela. Negro, please. Unless he kills Tasha. She ain’t giving up the kids.

*So the hitta was just gonna kill him in broad daylight? Damn.

*Reina’s voice is heaven. I’m all about this Lil Black Annie. Wonder is writers knew about Quvenzhane in the movie version of “Annie” when they wrote this.

*Ah! The son returns! We haven’t seen him in forever.

*I knew the white lady was going to blow up Tasha’s spot. Lol. Jamie’s mad she paid to get Reina her spot, but like, they got the money. And she is good.

*Cynthia is so going to blatantly try to hump Jamie at some point.

*Ooh! Mama’s back!! How she automatically know Jamie was cheating? Mamas be knowing! She hit us with some fast gems: “Lakiesha’s as simple as two plus two” and “You ain’t got no legal claim on illegal money.”

*”You were right. You happy now? I couldn’t keep him.” – Tasha. Damn, boo. #hugsforTasha

*Jamie is taking his side chick on vacay? Sir.

*Pedi and this young girl look gross in the same scene. The age difference is just… Yuck!!!

*Eh… Did this show just jump the shark? The kidnapping and tying them up? Ehhh… That’s a lil extra, no?

*Aww, Lawd. When Ghost and Tommy start arguing in front of Jeffe you know it’s bad. Didn’t they watch “The Godfather”? You never speak against the family in public.

*I can’t wait til Ghost finds out Fiddy is behind this. He’s gonna go ape sh–.

*Um. Double the product? This is the beginning of the end. These mofos need to listen to “Fallen” off the American Gangster soundtrack. You gotta know when to get out or coast. I mean Jamie’s trying, but not hard enough.

*”My word’s not good enough”- Tommy <<< this mofo is so “Sonny”. Ol’ insecure self.

*Angela is hard-headed. She gonna lie to the man about witness protection? I’mma guess that Angie finds out who Ghost is and drops this case. But Pedi-dude is gonna be dead. I have 30 minutes to prove myself wrong or right.

*Is Ghost gonna kill Tommy? Something is off.

*I love how they refer to each gang by ethnicity. Just so we’re clear, black folk ain’t the only drug dealers.

*Tommy really fell for that “two men, one voice ish”. Really? I’m amazed he made it this far as a drug dealer being this simple.

*50 Cent calling his son for favors. Ol’ messy self.

*Tommy’s “three of us against the world” speech makes me almost certain he’s dead soon.

*Why would Nomar tell Isabel he’s leaving?? And really, an adult dick pic to a kid??

*I knew her dad was going to see it!!!! I knew!! Say bye- bye Nomar!!

*There’s no way this Miami trip is happening. No way.

*Angela can’t be this stupid. They’re gonna go live happily ever after in Miami? This is like when Olivia was gonna move to Vermont and make jam.

*You taking the key from your sister to give to your married BF?! Son!! You’re leaving your dying Daddy for your married BF?!?! Chick, what are you doing???

*Greg came thru. Nomar’s dead-ish. Womp. Totes saw that coming.

*Oh, God. Ugh. I feel bad for Tasha. Damn, bad.  Her man just hit  with “I”m going on a business trip” and “I been trying to tell you, Tasha. You ain’t been listening.”  And ” we need to talk”.

*”I’m all yours now.” – Jamie << He and Angie deserve each other. Their mutual mass delusion drives me nuts.

*Omari got a tat on his ankle???? Or is that for the role?

*OMG. Tommy knows about Angela!!! TOMMY KNOWS ABOUT ANGELA!!!!!

*Holly is f–ing crazy telling Ghost they’re partners now. And so much for the Miami plan. And the current club. And shit, Holly. I called that. Or not. Maybe she’ll live. Is it wrong I want her to die?

*Fiddy’s out.  Here come more trouble. Damn, damn, damn.

*Poor, poor Tasha.

*So that’s a no to Cynthia trying to hump Jamie. Ok. And any of her business.

*Jamie’s a stone cold drug dealer again. Damn. Ahh well!!! Maybe he keeps Tasha. Hmmm…


EDIT:  I watched at 5AM after a long night of editing. I missed that Tommy was outside of Angela’s apartment. Is he going to kill Angela?!
What did you think? 

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  1. Angie says:

    You forgot Tommy calls Angela acting like the sketch artist & provides a picture of Ghost, set up ?! Tommy VS Ghost

    • belle says:

      I wasn’t sure what happened there. Definitely Tommy on the phone outside Angela’s apartment. Don’t think that was a sketch of Ghost though…

      I was more worried that he was about to kill Angela, who I loathe. But don’t want to die.

    • Username* says:

      How would he know about the sketch artist?

  2. Brendadc says:

    It’s funny you ask if it’s wrong for Tommy’s girl to bite the dust. I hate that character. I don’t get how Tommy lets her know all his business. I think it’s funny how she says he can trust her when she stole from Tasha. Tommy doesn’t see the big picture at all.

  3. Mel says:

    Loved it! I’m which you it was not as good as I expected. But I can’t wait til next season when Tommy tells Ghost about Angela!

  4. Trish says:

    It wasn’t Tommy calling Angela, it was a real sketch artist. He said he meet with Pedi/Nomar and started the sketch of the distributor he saw but wasn’t able to complete the sketch. The sketch was a partial drawing of Tommy. Also Pedi thinks Tommy name is Ghost….which is why when Angie asked Pedi who stabbed him he said Ghost.

  5. Precious says:

    Your commentary is quite hilarious. And Ghost is Quite Delusional, I want to see the best in him but this Angie thing is a bit much. That man has officially cut Tommy off from the inner circle, he setting him up for the fall. Tommy definitely only made this far, because he had Ghost, because brush is an idiot. Case in point, him not knowing Holly two minutes and telling her all the damn business. I was so happy she caught the bullet (I couldn’t figure out how Ghost was going to get rid of the bitch w/o driving an even bigger wedge between him and Tommy). I would be so disappointed if she survives in season 2.

    * you peeped the ankle tat too! Omari has lots of tattoos so it probably is a real one like the wing. However, I thought it was weird that they covered all the other ones up but kept an ankle tat.

    *The guys that play Lobos and the Nomar were by far the best actors on the show. Sad to see the Nomar character go ( although i find pedophilia despicable). I look forward to future seasons not only the continued development of the characters but the continued growth of the actors themselves.

  6. Sheldon says:

    Question…Did Ghost kill Leelanna? You know the girl that got cut in her face by pink Sneakers? Because Tommy says he did. That was never shown. HELP!

    • Fallon says:

      Ghost did not kill Liliana, she ended up working in the laundry mat, counting money. Tommy I believe initially wanted her killed off, and Ghost agreed, but then changed his mind after speaking with Tasha about loyalty and decided to move her off the street to the laundry mat. Tommy later found out and was pissed about it.

  7. macknif11 says:

    Lilana didn’t die, he promoted her to a banking position and Tommy was upset about it when he found out.

  8. Blaqcofee says:

    The final episode of Power was very surprising. Who knew the killer in the pink shoes was actually hired by 50 Cent’s character. I can not wait for season 2 to begin. I really wanna see how the writers will make it better than season 1.

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