‘Scandal in Atlanta’: How A Shower Rod Won the Internet

Mimi Nikko Shower

VH1 on Monday announced the May 5 return of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, its top-rated show, by releasing a super trailer for the new season. In the four-and-a-half minute video, cast member Mimi Faust talks about making a sex tape with her now-fiance, Nikko Smith. Later, Faust appears to be shocked when she learns that the tape (of course) leaked. “I have a daughter!” she wails to Smith.

Right on time, TMZ confirmed the long-standing rumors of the tape, saying that Vivid Entertainment—the distributor of the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape—would release video this month. TMZ’s story noted that Smith and Faust, despite her apparent concern about her child, apparently gave her “sign off” on the tape going public. By midday, a 46-second trailer of said tape, Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta, was posted on World Star Hip Hop. At press time, the clip had received upward of 6 million views.

Here are the most confusing moments surrounding reality TV’s latest scandal.

It’s Mimi

Viewers of the show rooted for Faust, the long-suffering “baby mama” to a philandering man. She owned her own business and made it clear that she wasn’t in the relationship for the money. In general, she was depicted as a good (and rightfully angry) woman in love with the wrong man. And she was particularly hard on his other woman, Joseline Hernandez, because she used to be a stripper.

Viewers thought that if Faust could just leave her ex alone—except for when it involved their daughter—she would be OK in the long run. Then she left him, chose an equally bad partner and made a “sex tape.” Fans are shocked and disappointed because they expected more from her.

It’s Not Actually a ‘Sex Tape’

When I think of amateur sex tapes, I think of unsteady cameras, bad lighting and a single-angle that misses most of the action. Scandal in Atlanta isn’t that; it’s a high-quality production. It doesn’t have the feel of two people getting it on in their bedroom (or bathroom). It’s more like two people, a couple of cameramen, a lighting guy, a sound woman and a director. It’s better produced than your average porn, and given the effort involved, it was clearly made to be seen by as many people as possible, despite Faust’s seeming outrage in the extended trailer.

The Shower Rod

In what is overall an extremely graphic video, one scene stands out. In the trailer, Faust is shown mounting Smith while swinging from a shower curtain rod, the breakout “star” of the production. Across social media, viewers wondered, “But wait. … Where did she get a shower rod that sturdy?” They were all asking for a friend, of course. And even those who were disappointed in Faust respected her skills on the rod (pun not intended.)

What’s the Point?

Countless relatively unknown celebs have made sex tapes as a way of propelling their careers from mediocrity to mega-stardom, but Faust is already the prominent co-star of a hit TV show in its third season on a leading cable network. She already had fame, recognition and likely money. So why did she do this?

One of the guesses floating around is that she wanted more screen time—and a juicy storyline involving a sex scandal is certainly one way to get it. High ratings and great buzz surrounding her story for season three practically guarantee her spot in a very likely season four. Maybe she’ll even get her own spinoff, too. Faust also likely received a cushy advance for the sale of the tape, and if she’s the businesswoman she claims to be, she’ll get a cut of the profits as well. A scene from the extended trailer shows Faust and Smith meeting with an executive who advises them that they “stand to make a lot of money” from the tape.

Whatever her reasons for making the tape, I hope they were worth it to her. Fans of the show seem utterly baffled by her latest move, even while they clamor to watch the tape.

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  1. Eat Pray Fck says:

    You’re right. This isn’t a sex tape… it’s a porn. With that said, I’m not an avid watcher of the show, so I had no clue who Nikko was. Thus, I haven’t even had him on my radar to scrutinize his involvement because it’s like… wait, Nikko who? lol…

    Having seen the ins and outs of reality tv first hand, could you see anyone on your show #BSH going to such lengths (maybe not as extreme) for the sake of more air time? I guess it’s almost a rhetorical question… just so sad to see people choose temporary fame, maybe more so infamy and relevancy over any long term, quality stuff.

    You’d at least hope that Mimi sat down with someone and either bought stock in that shower rod line, or formed some sort of shower rod partnership. I would’ve announced that shit the moment the tape leaked! Whether you like her porn or not, folks are all abuzz wondering where they can find that shower rod .

    Truth be told, as I was brushing my teeth this morning I glanced at my shower rod and saw it too was screwed into the wall! Light bulbs started to go off, but then I got glimpses of ending up a terrible meme online… then having to pay my apartment complex damages for getting it fixed. Can’t let Mimi have me out here struggling b/c I fell off the shower rod replicating moves lol.

  2. Mz. B says:

    My only thought is if your going to make a “Sex/PornTape” OWN-IT.. CLAIM IT…for exactly what it is. Don’t go on TV with tears and looking all shamed faced after its recorded and ready for sale. Hell, you made a “Sex/Porn Tape” now own up to it & and get your $$$. But, don’t act like you’re all ashamed and worried about your little girl now….Really? Was you worried about her when the camera was rolling and you was swinging from the shower rod? NOT! Its just having sex until you include the camera/video….then it turns to Porn. So, don’t act like you’re a shamed now. Who do you think you are fooling Mimi? Not I. You knew what you you were doing and how to do it…. lights, camera, action. Now, its time to OWN IT Porn Star!!!

  3. Chada B says:

    As previously mentioned, this is a little more than a home video. It is in fact hard core porn. Right up there with Heather Hunter and Janet Jack Me quality (not that I have seen any of them..lol). The video seems to be no more than a way to save face. Last season Nikko left us all with the impression he was banging his male roommate (ask K. Michelle) now we are supposed to believe he is not. I am not buying it. No more than I am buying Mimi’s fake surprise and tears. She knew exactly what she was trying to do. I just hope for her sake it doesn’t backfire on her and she actually gets some real money for this. The way things are looking..the entire tape will be on pornhub.com or something. Ijs

    Chada B

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