You’re Invited: Cocktails with Belle— ATL



Cocktails with Belle ATL Join me and Skyy Infusions Georgia Peach vodka to toast the season finale of  Bravo’s “Blood Sweat & Heels” on March 16.

See you in Atlanta!

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  1. TuffnTenda says:

    Hello Miss Belle,
    I have never seen BLOOD, SWEAT AND HEALS until today this morning and saw that you were having an anniversary party for your blog. Now being a working single mother I never really get the time to do much computer time for myself or watch tv. That is usually on for noise but I could not pull away from that episode. You are a great woman for doing what you do and thank you. Looking for to getting use to the blogging you put out there and will be getting your books to read. Thanks again your new fan Tuffntenda.

  2. Caraibgirl says:

    I do watch Blood Sweat and Heels, I often agree with with what you do and what you say on the show. I feel like I am a little like you when it comes to our back ground, our up bringings. I have never joined a blog before, your would be the first. Just interested into what I can learn or share.

  3. Yanick Smith says:

    I am a mother of two wonderful queens. I raised them alone until my lifeline and I got together. We spoiled both of them and still do. I love your attitude even though they do not portray the whole you on tv I know you are kool. I have the same attitude. I do not entertain negative energy. I can kill some ones negative attitude by killing them with kindness and logic. You remind me of me. I was a big afro, hips and tits in high school. when I met Chaka khan she said you remind me of me. I was called chaka all through high school. Tragedy hit when my best friend died my sister who raised me but I am ok now. I am looking for someone other than myself to empower my girls. they are 32 and 23. But I feel that I’ve been so protective that I’ve damaged their strength. Both have been in abusive relationships. My oldest just got out of a 10 year abusive marriage. My second daughter moved to Florida Sat/3/22/14 to get away from her abusive boyfriend. I’d love it if you could empower them. I’m mommy so I fix things. But they need someone like you to put them with women who can uplift them. I grew up with a grandmother who said I will kill 10 men before one kills me. I’ve been married and divorced three times. Never stayed and got abused. Always had over protective,insecure and jealous husbands and boyfriends. They felt a beautiful woman is always cheating. My daughters are very attractive and these men make them hide out so no one sees them. I’m Yanick in Brooklyn. Grew up in Park Slope but live in Bensonhurst. My number is 347-587-3308. I feel you and my daughters can get together on facebook or twitter. I have none of that. I don’t like that many people. I’m a Gemini.

  4. olaha257 says:

    I’m really am sad that I missed you at Bar One, I truly would have loved to attend. I really hope Bravo offers (Blood, Sweat, and Heels) another season – from the very first time I saw the show I was hooked, so naturally I told a few family members and friends and they too were hooked. I like everyone – because I believe each of you have a unique gift and there’s something to learn….but, of all the ladies I totally love you – you’re classy, intelligent (with a whole heaping tablespoon of “old-folk” wisdom), and very honest…what a beautiful mix, thanks for such an awesome season of Blood, Sweat, and Heels….

  5. MsBravotv says:

    Hi Belle,

    I just have to say that I really enjoyed watching Blood Sweat and Heels. Where do I begin…..I’m definitely siding with “The Prouds”. I feel like I could not have been watching the same show as some viewers based on their comments left on other sites. I’ve come to the conclusion that some of the viewers aren’t professionals. If they were they clearly would be able to empathize with Geneva in regards to her business party. To be called uppity and elitist because inappropriate behavior wasn’t looked at as “fun” is beyond ridiculous. I wonder if Melissa/Mica wasn’t attractive if the viewing audience would still feel the same? What if they had on cheap clothes, cheap shoes/handbags and a tooth missing? Would the same viewers then call them hoodrats or ghetto? I think sometimes people can’t see past someone’s beauty and just call a spade a spade. They acted very ghetto.

    Daisy…OMG…I knew she was fake early on. She likes to take jabs with a big ole smile. I think she’s the phoniest one on the show.

    I really hope Melissa and especially Daisy get the opportunity to invite Mica to an important professional event. I bet they would quickly change their tune about Mica.

    Belle I like you and hope that you don’t change anything based on what “The Louds” or any of their supporters say.

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