My Father Called Me A Party Girl


I’ve had this theory for awhile that men like “boring” women. And by boring, I mean women who might think too much but don’t ever say too much, certainly nothing controversial or challenging on most levels (admittedly this is a whole ‘nother blog to be completed shortly. Just thought I’d throw that in there as a teaser). By my observation, they don’t like women who do too much either. It’s fine for a woman to visit with her family, maybe hang out with a girlfriend or two every now and again, but men really seem to have a thing for these bland women (in both looks, dress and personality) who prefer to stay home and hold down the fort while they go gallivanting through the streets. I realized one day that all the women I know with boyfriends are bland and stay home all the time. And I know they’re not bunned up with their bfs cause I run into those dudes when I’m out…


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