Nairobi Day 4: Baby Elephants x 100 Shilling Tequila Shots


We went to visit orphaned elephants, under that age of 3 years old. Cute as hell.

We went to visit orphaned elephants, under that age of 3 years old. Cute as hell.

I planned to write an actual Day 4 post, but….

Cousin G and I went to see the elephants in the morning.

And on the way back to the cottage, we stopped at the grocery store.

And at the grocery store, I bought two big bottles of water, a bug bottle of juice, and a bottle of rose for under $6.

I drank half the rose for brunch, sorta. It would have been actual brunch, but there was no food because we only bought enough for 4 days, but we’ve been here for 5. And I would have bought food at the store, execpt our third party was supposed to be ready when we got back*, so we could go eat, but she wasn’t, so….

So then we (finally) all went to the market to eat. And then we went to the Maasai market to shop (which I have to go back to before I leave because everyone and there mother wants me to bring them bangles home… which I’m complaining about like I mind, but I don’t.)

Bracelets from the market. Everyone wants some. I'm happy to share.

Bracelets from the market. Everyone wants some. I’m happy to share.

And then we left the market and went to the Tribe hotel for a sundowner, ie, drinks at a location that has a great view of the setting sun. I drank virgin juice because, you know, I drank half a bottle of wine for “brunch” while I waited (and waited) for the third party of our crew to get ready to go to the mall. I’m 35, I think about the state of my liver, and I fear hangovers.

View from the roof or The Tribe hotel :-)

View from the roof or The Tribe hotel :-)

And then… and now we get to the real issue.

So remember the guy Cousin G and I met last night? The party promoter? Him. Well, him told us that Juniper Social was the move for Friday night. And we took him’s advice.

A sign at Juniper Social.

A sign at Juniper Social.

The spot is a mini-mansion run by an ex-pat who moved to Kenya to do serious work, but then quit her job to host parties in her backyard. Her house is huge, the grounds are too, and she just does these random parties on the weekends. It’s like Chef Roble’s “Everyday People”, but like not with a retractable roof, and to be fair, less people. The DJ here is sick, although I couldn’t identify any of the songs. There was a groove going. The people were very fly.

Oh, and shout out to the South African chickie who tapped me on the shoulder and was like, “I knew it was you! Ok, I thought it was you, and then I went to your blog and saw you were in Nairobi and then I was like, ‘it’s you!’” Sweet chick. She watched The Show That Shall Not Be Named in South Africa. Go figure.

So, the guy from last night, left a few things out about this party.

  1. how dope it is.
  2. how good the food is.
  3. the 100 shilling tequila shots.

If you follow me on IG, you already know this story.

Tequila at discount prices.

Tequila at discount prices.

Juniper is an unoffical restaurant that turns into a “scene”. At 8:30, they stop serving food and table service is no more. They’ve found an ingenious way to get people up from the table ad to the bar: 100 shilling shots.

At 8:30, a bell rings, and tequila shots go on sale… for the US equivalent of around .90 cents. They’re served with orange slices instead of the traditional lime. Salt is optional. I don’t partake.

Oh, and there was a tub of beer.

Le tub of beer.

Le tub of beer.

How many I had is none of your business. I’m on vacation and I’m not driving. And I’m sober enough to crank out 500+ words for this post and upload the pictures. (But cannot operate heavy machinery.)

And with that said, good night.


*the third party has requested that I note she was on meds.

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  1. Zionsmama85 says:

    I’m really enjoying these posts and you’re inspiring me to make a big trip this year. I think it may be fitting since this will be my big 30. And giiirrllll drink up! No one is judging you, you’re on holiday! Treat yo self lol!

  2. “And we took him’s advice.” I think that may be my favorite sentence. Love the recaps. Keep writing.

  3. Joslyn says:

    I’m loving these posts! It’s just what I like to see. No one should keep their travel adventures to themselves. Share and inspire others.

    Thank You!

  4. I’m ecstatic to read about your Nairobi adventures! I mean, I love your other posts, of course, and I follow your blog faithfully, but I absolutely LIVE for your stories!

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