Tyga Disses Black Culture to Defend “Friendship” With Underage Girl

Tyga stops by The Breakfast Club to throw Black culture under the bus.

Rapper Tyga stops by The Breakfast Club to throw Black culture under the bus.

I swear this is not a Kardashian story. Well, not really. Allow me to explain.

On Friday afternoon, famous-for-having-a phatty Amber Rose was asked during a radio interview with The Breakfast Club about the alleged relationship between rapper, Tyga, 25, and Kylie Jenner, 17. In case it matters: Tyga is the ex-boyfriend and father of child to Rose’s best friend.

“She’s a baby, she needs to go to bed at 7 o’clock and relax,” Rose said of the youngest Jenner. “[Tyga] should be ashamed of himself. For sure.”

Whether Rose said this to defend her friend or not, it was still sound logic. But Jenner’s older sister, Khloe Kardashian, took offense and responded to Rose via Twitter, referencing Rose’s days as an underage stripper. All hell broke loose. I’ll spare you the ugly details, as this is not a Kardashian story.

What this is a story about is Tyga, the actual target of Rose’s angst. And Tyga’s appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show on Tuesday morning to address his alleged relationship with a 17 year old (and more).  What Tyga said during that interview was worse than any of the insults hurled by Rose or Kardashian.

When inevitably asked about Kylie Jenner, Tyga denied they were in a relationship (of course). He blamed TMZ for mischaracterizing his friendship with Jenner, which includes European travel destinationssneaking out of parties together, and posting snuggly photos on Instagram.

Tyga went on to explain the misunderstanding is due to culture differences, not him and Kylie doing a bunch of stuff usually reserved for people in relationships.

“In black culture it’s different,” he began. “If you hang around somebody you’re smashing them. White people, white culture, it’s different. They really friends. It’s genuine, it’s different. How we think is a little different with our mentality.”

Oh. So let me get all this Birth of A Nation logic straight. White people know how to form friendships and emotional attachments, but Black people just can’t help but to keep it all the way primitive. And TMZ, who Tyga cites as originally mischaracterizing his friendship, and who also once referred to a respected Black mayor as a “crackhead” in their announcement of his passing, is apparently Black culture now. The more you know.

Now look, I get that Tyga is trying to do everything possible to keep the authorities out of his “friendship”, as in the state of California, Kylie’s primary residence, a sexual relationship between an adult and anyone under 18 is illegal, if only a misdemeanor. I entirely expected Tyga to offer some sort of defense for this “friendship”— which is still sketchy to me and most everyone with good sense because of the vast age gap.

What I didn’t expect was for him to throw Black culture under the bus to justify these R. Kelly-ish shenanigans. I mean, Tyga had all day, and all night to come up with an explanation for his friendship with an underage girl 8 years his junior, and this Black-people-can’t-be-friends BS is the best he could do? I mean, it’s not a good defense for several reasons, and the obvious one other than trading in ignorant stereotypes about Black sexuality is, hello? Tyga you’re Compton-bred Black, a product of Black culture. By his own backwards logic, if Black folks can’t be just friends, then he and Jenner aren’t.

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  1. Even if we were to believe these two are “just friends,” my sixteen (seventeen now?) year old child is NOT being “friends” with a 25-year old man OR woman. Get all the way out of here with that, Tyga. Sorry, not sorry.

    • Also, Kris Jenner was 17 when she met and started dating Robert Kardashian, who was a whopping 12 years her senior. I’m sure the other sisters have dated men who were much older than them (even when minors). This is nothing new for the K-girls.

      As Amber Rose said, “disgusting.”

  2. Quaysa B says:

    Honeyyy. I didn’t believe 1 word that came out of Tyga’s mouth and I don’t think HE even believed that mess he tried to deliver as an excuse. And when he started with the black culture vs. white culture thing? I was completely over it. He is entirely sad. It’s one thing to have an inappropriate whatever-ship with this chick and another thing to blame how people view its inappropriateness on cultural differences like black people don’t understand the concept of friends. It appears Tyga’s been sitting up under the Kardashians so long that he thinks he is one or something. Nobody’s buying that hot mess he’s selling. He really wasted time in this interview even trying to paint that ugly lie like that. And in what world does a grown man “befriend” some young high school-aged chick and that’s okay? He must be crazy if he thinks black people are the only ones giving him the side eye. He even posed with that young chick as the “Chuckie/Bride of Chuckie” duo and the young girl who is his little “friend” was LEGIT wearing lingerie beneath her leather jacket. How is that appropriate? And then Tyga’s going to say if he “does decide to date her” later, then that’s his choice? Honey, he just trying to set himself up to be able to date her later. We’ll see what their “friendship” looks like on Instagram when the little girl turns 18. And then we can ask him if how fishy it looks is just black culture then or nah? FOH.

  3. kt says:

    What got me was when he said a good upbringing. Really? A good upbringing? The same said upbringing that has the older sister with 3 children all out of wedlock with her depressed and raging alcoholic “partner”. You have the second oldest sister that got married at 18, sex tape by 25 married a second time by 30, gets knocked up by not the husband of 2 1/2 months but the new boyfriend before she divorces second husband. Now we’re onto husband number #3 and full nude magazine spreads. You have a hermit brother that’s double cupping it and calling it depression. Mom is off gallivanting with her new black toy and now Bruce the seemingly steady one of the family wants to be Brunhilda, yeah Tyga GRRRREAT upbringing. I won’t even delve into Khloe still not being divorced from the “supposed crackhead”.

  4. Kylei says:

    The lamest excuse he could ever come up with. We weren’t born yesterday Tyga! :D

    Let’s have fun at - Fake A Baby -

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